Do you want a serious explanation of how I got where I am today? If so, keep reading. But if it’s a story you’re after, and remember all stories are truths, read My Story, Perhaps.

I’m an immigrant. My soul floats somewhere between St. Petersburg, Russia, where I grew up, and London, UK, where I don’t live. I live in Seattle, where my heart lives.

I have always been into theater. I have always written. It never occurred to me one could write for theater until I started listening to the Royal Court Theater Playwright’s Podcast by the insightful and talented Simon Stephens (with whom I now had the pleasure to study for a short workshop in Milan). I used to fly to London at least once a year to “eat theater” for lunch and dinner. I didn’t know why I was so driven.

Just before I discovered that podcast, I signed up for an Arvon course Improvisation for Writers that I didn’t realize was for theater people until I got there. And then Patrick Marber was there, as a special guest. Then, I didn’t know too much about him to be intimidated. And so I innocently asked him why plays? And he said they are shorter. I could never write a novel, he said. Huh, I thought. I could never write a novel too. And I’ve always thought the best part of any story, long or short, was dialogue. But I didn’t yet, at that point, think that I want to write plays.

But something happened, with the podcasts and more trips to London, and I have been self-educating like a mad woman for the past year and a half. Reading everything, seeing everything I can…until finally, the plays came.

I have now written two short plays, all in response to the current issues (and there are many to pick from in the current political shitshow) and I’m working on a longer piece at the moment. I would love to devise a show. I would love to do something like what Frantic Assembly does because all my plays so far have a definite movement element, and I would love for that to be bigger.

Please get in touch if you think you might like to work with me. I’m hungry to make current hard-hitting theater.