I write the fantastical and dreamy, grounded in reality. I love brushing against the magic silks as I go through the day–driving into work in the first licks of dawn, watching my breath as I walk along the canal at lunch, hearing the trees whisper as I roll out the green and black bins full of the debris of our existence. I am certain that given a chance, I would get lost in the silks and find the way to the other worlds. But I am ultimately too practical, and I have a brilliant boy with curious eyes to guide through this world.





A Storm in a Teacup, TheNewVerse.News 2017
Whole for a Night, Crosswinds Poetry Journal Vol. II - 2017
Weed GardenStone Telling 13: Hope
DoorsApex Magazine #68
Go Ahead and HowlCamroc Press Review
Fox’s Vow, StarLine, Summer 2014
Deflorer, Totems, Calling, and Crow’s Feast, Neon #38
InheritanceRust + Moth, Spring 2014
FallingOde to the Barista, and River-MotherMused, Fall 2012


Jasmine on My Breath, Zetetic February 2016
Seeking OreGrievous Angel, August 2015
The Keeper The Colored Lens, Winter 2015
Midnight ManBeorh Quarterly, Spring 2015


Bracken blog, interview with Alina Rios and Jed Myers, 2017
Woodland Magic, interviewed by Gwendolyn Kiste, 2016
Neon Magazine, 2014


2018: Short-listed for Unfolded New Writing Night at Southwark Playhouse

2013: Short-listed for the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Gulliver Travel Grant


2018: Playwrighting workshop with Simon Stephens, Milan, Italy
2015: Arvon workshop: Improvisation for Writers with Stella Duffy, Niall Ashdown, and Patrick Marber.
2009: Attended a conference dedicated to the work of Diana Wynne Jones held in Bristol, UK.